Boiler Room

The Boiler Room is Centre 42’s platform for new works and works-in-the-making. Texts and ideas selected by Centre 42 for development will be put through a comprehensive process of refinement and hothousing. We aim to customise a developmental process that is appropriate to both the work and its creator(s).
We recognise that in order for artists and writers to create significant and meaningful new work and/or texts, they must work at their own pace while operating within a rigorous and specified incubation framework.
As part of this robust investigation process of creation, we will actively involve interested members of the public where they may provide responses during test-reads and trial-presentations. Test-reads and trial-presentations moves away from the generic ‘reading’ and ‘showing’ by adopting R&D terminology to cast the work in a more rigorous light. Test-reads are purpose-specific readings where the process mimics focus-group testing. Trial presentations are ‘showings’ when the script is ‘audience-ready’.
We welcome industry players (theatre companies, presenters and producers) to be part of the Boiler Room programme by coming in to pick up the incubated works for next stage development. The three partnership models with Centre 42 are:
  • Invitation – before/during the Open Call stage. Industry players will be able to track the full development of each work
  • Curation – at the start of the Incubation stage
  • Pick-up – at the Presentation stage
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