What We Do


We aim to create a conducive environment for writers and artists in which to create new text-based works for the Singapore stage.

This can come in the form of:

  • physical space use (such as rehearsal and workshop spaces for developing new works and works-in-progress),
  • minor funding support (such as writings grants and residencies),
  • training (such as professional writing training, writing master-classes and workshops) and,
  • artistic input (provided by the resident director, the resident dramaturg and relevant experts where suitable).

Ideas and texts selected by Centre 42 for development will be put through a comprehensive process of refinement and hothousing.

We recognise that in order for the artists and writers to create significant and meaningful new work and/or texts, they must work at their own pace while operating within a rigorous and specified incubation framework. We aim to customise a developmental process that is appropriate to both the work and its creator(s).

Centre 42 will actively involve interested members of the public in the creation process where they may provide responses during test-reads and trial-presentations .

Our focus is on the work and the creator(s) – we will work with the creator(s) to generate new works that are reading-ready or production-ready.



In addition to creating new text-based works, Centre 42 will concurrently develop a functional archive that documents theatre events and practices. We strongly believe that any new work we help to develop can only have lasting pertinence if it is created within an authenticated historical context.

The functional archive will not only serve as a working reference context to develop new works; it will also serve as an exploratory research and information base from which to appreciate and understand Singapore theatre. Access to this resource is not limited to only writers and artists, but to all interested members of the public.



To complement the material housed by the archive, Centre 42 will schedule public seminars and talks that aim to expand existing knowledge and understanding of Singapore theatre.

In line with our commitment to Singapore’s dramatic literature, the Centre will also actively refresh past works and writings. These may take the forms of rehearsed readings of play-scripts and texts from Singapore’s theatre history or even a re-casting of old texts in new forms and media. Each revival of an old script will be accompanied by a reframing of that script within the current Singapore context. The objective is to look back at Singapore through its dramatic literature and reflect on the present state of affairs, as well as offer ideas and thoughts about its future.

We designed our programmes and space usage around these three key pillars: documentation, creation and promotion. Our programmes are catered for writers and also audiences who are interested in the process of new-text creation. Find out more about each programme here.