Here at Centre 42, we have the wonderful opportunity of meeting and working with a diverse group of arts makers, whether they are creating work with support from one of our programmes, or they are renting our spaces for rehearsals and showcases. This blog is a place for us to share the stories of some of these practitioners and their projects. Through these articles, we hope to document their creative processes and provide some behind-the-scenes insight into the work that they do.
Articles posted here are written either by the Centre 42 team, or by the artists themselves.


  • Critical Ecologies: An Introduction to a Collective of Critics

    Dance dramaturg and writer Nia Agustina glances around the room behind her, saying: “It’s hard to find something here because it’s not my home!” Nia is not in her usual spot at home in the cultural hub of Yogyakarta – she’s in Lampung, a province on the southernmost tip of…
  • Mapping Critical Influences and Inspirations

      As part of a mapping exercise in April 2021, the Critical Ecologies working group listed out the various critics, writers and/or practitioners who mentored them and influenced their growth, as well as those whose work they had read extensively and were inspired by. This piece is a condensed and…
  • Question & Answer with Critical Ecologies!

    In this Q&A segment, the team got to ask (and answer) a set of 2 questions from their fellow members. The first round of questions were more casual, with the follow up questions a bit more specific and conceptual. Sam: How do you maintain a sense of lightness in your…
  • The Critical Ecologies Crossword (Desktop)

    This is the desktop version of the crossword puzzle. Play on mobile instead. Try your hand at cracking some of the words and phrases that have been used frequently by the working team during their six-month residency period! Puzzle not loading? Click here for an image version of the puzzle. By…
  • Making Space in Time

    Making Space in Time

    An interview with Shai, former co-founder and Artistic Director of Yellow Chair Productions, on "Our Space in Time", a digital exhibition created as part of our Archival Residency. | 30 August 2021
  • Exploring the language of the digital

    Exploring the language of the digital

    The Performance Arts and Augmented Reality online workshop introduced performance-makers and production designers to photogrammetry and video volumetric capture, and how to harness these technologies in creative projects. I caught up with three participants — Cheryl Tan Yun Xin, Woo E-hui and Derrick Chew — to find out how about…
  • Four key takeaways from “Performance Arts and Augmented Reality”

    Four key takeaways from “Performance Arts and Augmented Reality”

    Last month, Centre 42 presented our online workshop Performance Arts and Augmented Reality, facilitated by Tan Shou Chen, a freelance theatremaker, and Timothi Lim ("Tim"), Creative Director of Augmented Reality at The Doodle People. Here are four key takeaways from the three-part workshop:
  • Life after Anthropo-Centre 42: A photo essay

    Life after Anthropo-Centre 42: A photo essay

    It was with a heavy heart when we closed the gates of 42 Waterloo Street on 6 Apr 2020. And with the impending renovations delayed, the blue bungalow sat empty for several months. When we re-entered the premises exactly four months later for a giveaway of the stuff we would no…
  • How tall are you?

    How tall are you?

    We got the participants to ask each other questions about their experience on the nine-week online course Rethinking Practice and the Practitioner: Pandemic Purpose. (Or about anything under the sun, really.) Because of Pandemic Purpose's focus on questioning and reflection, as well as the turn-taking format of most of the…
  • Her first Zoom course

    Her first Zoom course

    "I've now completed my first Zoom course!" When a beaming Charlene made her declaration, the window pane of faces erupted in applause. I, however, was left wondering what insights the seasoned educator might have gleaned from developing and conducting a three-week workshop via web conferencing. We chatted a few weeks…