Old Programmes

Centre 42’s programmes are designed to achieve these these three key objectives: creation, documentation and promotion. They are catered for content-creators, as well as for audiences who are interested in the process of new-text creation and curious about the rich heritage of local theatre and writing.


BR_Boiler Room
As the name suggests, the Boiler Room programme is the core where new works and artists are put through a year-long robust incubation and creation process for the development of the ideas and texts. Boiler Room conducts an annual open call for new playwrights and ideas.

BW_Basement Workshop

The Basement Workshop aims to support Singapore-based independent artists by providing a working incubation environment in which to create text-based work. Artists can look forward to space support for their developmental processes. They will get extensive use of facilities at heavily subsidised rentals.
GR_Guest Room

Guest Room is specifically created for independent playwrights and directors who are assessing/evaluating/showcasing drafts of new or reimagined works in an advanced rehearsal context. Artists will be given four days of free usage of the Centre’s facilities and a small production stipend. The only stipulation is that the fourth day of the free usage must be utilized for a public reading, presented to producers, presenters and/or members of the public.
GA_The Garage

The Garage is the Centre’s practice development platform. The first initiative under this platform is a Dramaturgy Apprenticeship Programme aimed at young artists/fresh theatre-based graduates looking to be trained as dramaturges, or existing practitioners looking to develop and diversify their skill sets.
VA_The Vault

The Vault safe-keeps Singaporean works dating back to our early theatre years. This platform does not merely document the past but manifests as contemporary responses to these works presented at Centre 42 premises. The Centre invites artists and practitioners to respond critically and personally to canonical Singapore classics, lesser known pieces and rarities, reworks and adaptations, and cross-cultural and cross-genres works.
LR_Living Room

The Living Room is a series of lectures, talks and workshops covering a wide range of topics related to writing, text-based works, local theatre, art-making and many more. The series will cater to a wide range of art-makers and art-lovers.
CR_Citizens' Reviews
Citizens’ Reviews is a critical writing platform about theatre events in Singapore by members of the public. These reviews will receive editorial support from the Centre 42 team, and showcased online.