Guest Room

Guest Room is a platform for work-in-progress presentations. This platform is for independent theatre-makers (playwrights, directors, producers, performers) who are looking to test and/or showcase drafts of new or reimagined works to specific group(s) of audience (producers, presenters, fellow artists, theatre enthusiasts, non-arts events goers of targeted profiles etc).
Guest Room artists will be provided with the following:
  • Five days of free usage of the Centre’s facilities for rehearsals. The fifth day being the presentation session to a by-invite only audience
  • Documentation support for the development/rehearsal process and of the presentation session. For artist’s archival needs
  • Access to Centre 42’s mailing list subscribers and network to engage with specific audience group(s) for the presentation session.
Interested artists should write in to with the following clearly outlined in their proposals:
  • Premise of the work/script to be presented. To provide the script, if available at point of application
  • Artist’s motivation for seeking to present choice of work
  • Desired outcomes from the presentation session (eg to test the text, to seek feedback for next stage development, to pitch to producers/presenters etc)
  • Profile(s) of audience to be invited to presentation session
Attendance at Guest Room presentations is on a by-invitation only basis. Interested audiences should subscribe to our mailing list to receive information about and invitations to upcoming Guest Room presentations.

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