Boiler Room Cycle 2016

Following from the Open Call in April 2016, we are delighted to welcome on board Boiler Room Cycle 2016 Playwrights:

Al-Matin Yatim | "Ring In A Desert"

Al-Matin Yatim | “Ring In A Desert”

Christian Huber | "BON"

Christian Huber | “BON”

Isaac Lim | "I Am A*MEI"

Isaac Lim | “I Am A*MEI”

Timothy Nga | "Where Has The Good Man Gone?"

Timothy Nga | “Where Has The Good Man Gone?”

Zee Wong | "Portmanteau"

Zee Wong | “Portmanteau”

The playwrights will now embark on putting their new works through a phased incubation framework:

  • 3-4 month Research & Consulting Phase (7 July 2016 – 6 November 2016)
  • 5 month Construction & Writing Phase (7 November 2016 – 6 April 2017)
  • 3 month Review Phase & Test-Read(s) ( 7 April 2017 – 6 July 2017)

The Resident Director and Dramaturg will be on hand to provide stewardship in terms of regular consultations, dialogues and recommendations.

Read The Straits Times Life! interview (19 July 2016) with the playwrights.

Special thanks goes out to Zizi Azah and Nelson Chia (Nine Years Theatre) for their valuable feedback and contributions as part of the selection panel alongside our resident director Casey Lim and resident dramaturg Dr Robin Loon.

Quick Facts!
  • 34 applications were received during the 1-month Open Call period (7 April to 6 May 2016).
  • More than half of these applicants have not had any previous works staged.
  • 11 applicants were shortlisted by a panel comprising the Centre’s resident director Casey Lim, resident dramaturg Dr Robin Loon, and playwright/director Zizi Azah.
  • The final 5 playwrights were selected after an interview on 18 and 19 June 2016 with the panel comprising the Centre’s resident director Casey Lim, resident dramaturg Dr Robin Loon, and Nine Years Theatre’s Artistic Director, Nelson Chia.

Information updated as of 19 July 2016.

Boiler Room is Centre 42’s platform for new works and works-in-the-making. Texts and ideas selected through an annual open call will be put through a comprehensive process of refinement and hothousing. The Centre aims to customise a developmental process that is appropriate to both the work and its creator(s).