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Hujum is a play about a pregnant young woman researching in an archive in Moscow. It takes place a little in the future. She wants the world to know about a massacre of women that everyone has forgotten about. Somewhere in the archives she knows she can find the piece of paper that will help her change the world. Outside the world is trying to change. This play is about the dangers of one group imposing its values on another, even in the name of freedom and human rights.

Hujum stages the complexities of a cross-cultural encounter, a cacophony of multiple narratives about oppression and freedom, and the perils of taking action on behalf of another culture.

Hujum begins with an unfinished play, written by one of their company members. It’s a play that half wanted to be written and half wanted to be devised. In writing it Laura tried to create and provoke image, in the way she would work if she were devising. With it they will explore how a writer can provoke image and action for theatre makers. Their development process draws upon physical- and visual-based theatre techniques and collective devising approaches.


The space between is made up of four international Singapore-based performers – Alessandra Fel, Chelsea Crothers, Maiya Murphy and Laura Hayes – brought together by a shared interest in the visual and physical space between text and performance. They all teach here in Singapore based on their physical theatre expertise (at NUS, LaSalle, SOTA and NAFA) and aim to develop their teaching and performance practice with this project.

Hujum was developed in residence at Centre 42’s Basement Workshop from August to November 2015.